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Connect with our AI pet specialist 24/7 for immediate guidance on your pet's health, behavior, nutrition and well-being.

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Meet Betina

World's First Pet Care AI Assistant

Say goodbye to vet hassles and expensive bills and hello to instant support. Betina, the AI-powered assistant, caters to all your pet's needs—from diagnoses to appointment scheduling.
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Teach your pet

Tailored Pet Training Plans

From basic obedience to advanced tricks, get real-time training plans, expert advice, and feedback. Unleash your pet's full potential and strengthen your bond like never before.
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Always available

24/7 Instant Pet Care

Enjoy round-the-clock support with Betina, your always-available pet care assistant. She works weekends, holidays, and never takes a break.
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Understand better

Pet Insights In Your Pocket

Your pets cannot talk. Betina helps you understand their complex behavior and needs. With advanced AI, she offers instant answers and personalized insights.
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Create your pet's profile

Start by setting up a profile for your pet, this helps Betina get to know your pet better and provide personalized advice.
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Ask any question

You can type in any message or send a photo to get an instant and specialized diagnosis.
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Discuss with Betina

She will ask questions to better understand the situation and offer follow-up session for the best possible care.
a girl training her dog
What our users sayFinally, a digital tool that answers our pets' needs 24/7 and learns from our daily relations.
I love how Betina learns more about my pets every day, making her assistance even more personalized. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm providing the best care possible for my pets. Thank you, Betina, for being an invaluable part of our lives!
photography Capucine - Dog Parent
Capucine - Dog ParentApril, 2024
As a professional pet dog sitter, this app is convenient for quickly learning about various pedigrees and breeds before caring for them. Understanding each dog's unique needs is essential for providing top-notch care, and Betina helps me do just that.
photography Laura - Pet Sitter
Laura - Pet SitterMay, 2024
The app's conversational core makes it stand out, offering a truly unique and personalized experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Betina to pet owners looking for a tailored solution to care for their furry friends, whether it's one or multiple pets.
photography David - Dog Parent
David - Dog ParentMay, 2024
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Why are we building this?We designed Betina to provide actionable information for pet parents. Betina is more convenient than a search engine, more tailored than social media, and more available than a veterinarian. It fulfills our pets' daily needs with just a few words. Simple and efficient.
founder Arnaudfounder Arnaud
Arnaud & HugoFounders of Betina & Panache Technologies